Android: Activate automatic redial

by Michaela

Under Android, automatic redialling cannot be activated easily. However, you can use third-party apps instead.

Activate automatic redialling on Android

With automatic redialling, your smartphone starts a new connection attempt if the person you are calling cannot be reached. This function used to be able to be activated directly in the phone app under Android. In the meantime, this is no longer possible; instead, you have to resort to external apps. For example, the app AutoRedial is recommended.

  • Once you have installed the app and granted all the necessary permissions, you can enter the number you want to call in the corresponding field.
  • The number is called via the green button. If the line is busy, another call attempt will be made after a certain time.
  • By default, the interval between call attempts is set to 10 seconds. You can adjust this by tapping the gear icon on the right and selecting the desired interval under “Auto redial after”.
  • The number of times a call is attempted can be set on the main screen under “Number of attempts”. A maximum of 101 call attempts is possible.

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