Google Maps: Activate incognito mode – here’s how

by Pramith

To better protect your privacy, Google Maps can also be used in incognito mode on Android and iOS. We explain how to activate the feature and what it does exactly.

How to activate the incognito mode in Google Maps

By default, Google Maps collects a lot of user data every time you use it, such as your location or the streets and shops you are looking for. All this data is stored in the Google account currently in use and can thus also be used by other Google services. You can prevent this behaviour with the incognito mode:

– Call up the Google Maps app on your smartphone or tablet.

– Tap your profile picture in the top right corner.

– Select Enable incognito mode.

– Wait for the app to reopen and then close the incognito mode notices.

– Google Maps is now running in incognito mode. In addition to the corresponding notice at the top of the screen, you can also recognise this by the fact that your profile picture has been replaced by a black and white icon.

This means the incognito mode of Google Maps

Not all Google Maps functions are available in incognito mode. Unfortunately, you will have to do without the following:

– You can no longer share your location. Your location history will also be disabled.

– You will not be able to send notifications.

– It is not possible to customise maps with your activities.

– Browser data and search history are not stored in your account. You will also not receive search suggestions.

– Media integration and Google Maps posts will be suspended.

– You will not have access to the “Commute”, “My Places” and “For Me” features.

– The microphone is disabled during navigation.

– Offline maps are not available.

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