Google Pixel Watch: Heart rate measurement – this is how it works

by Pramith

The Google Pixel Watch is a fitness watch that continuously takes a heart rate measurement and records the values. We will explain where you can find the results of the heart rate measurement.

Google Pixel Watch – how the heart rate measurement works

The heart rate measurement on the Google Pixel Watch works via the sensors on the underside of the case.

  • These sensors are constantly active. The heart rate is therefore measured continuously – which is very practical, especially during training.
  • The Google Pixel Watch records the values so that you can call them up at any time.
  • To access these readings, press the crown once briefly.
  • Turn the crown to scroll through the menu to “Fitbit Today”. If you have never launched the app, tap “All apps” first and then “Fitbit Today”.
  • It may take a second or two for the overview of your heart rate to update and display with the current heart rate value.

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