Huawei protective film ex works? Mobile phone owners need to know

by Johannes

Whether Huawei applies a protective film to its smartphone displays ex works is something customers ask themselves at the latest when they unpack the phone. This is because there is a film on the display that looks like a protective film.

Huawei smartphones: protective film on display ex works?

The new Huawei smartphone is finally here, quickly unpacked and then customers are faced with the question: Has Huawei applied a protective film ex works or is this not a real protective film at all?

  • One thing is clear: Many Asian manufacturers include a protective film free of charge. Depending on the manufacturer, the scope of delivery includes a bumper case for the back and sometimes also a protective display film, for example made of bulletproof glass.
  • With Huawei smartphones, a transparent bumper case for the back of the device is also usually included.
  • There is indeed a film on the display. But it is not a full-fledged protective film for the display. Rather, this thin film is intended to prevent dust particles from settling on the screen. In addition, the film is very thin and only rests on the display.
  • The protective film is sufficient for the first two or three days with the new Huawei smartphone. But to make the new smartphone last longer, you should apply a full-sized, slightly thicker protective display film.

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