Making phone calls with the Galaxy Tab – is that possible?

by Mike

You can also make phone calls with the Galaxy Tab from Samsung – we present two options for doing so: one with a SIM card and one without a SIM card in the Galaxy Tab.

Making calls with a SIM card via Galaxy Tab

If you have a SIM card, e.g. with a flat data rate, in your Galaxy Tab, there is nothing to prevent you from making a phone call. However, pay attention to how high the minute rates for phone calls are for your SIM card that is actually intended for the Internet connection. Otherwise, you could get a nasty surprise with your next bill. With some Galaxy Tabs you have to activate the phone function first:

  • To do this, go to the “Call settings” submenu in the settings menu.
  • There you still have to select the option “Activate voice call”.
  • The dialer app, which you may know from your Android smartphone, should also be available on your Galaxy Tab under the menu section “Phone” – select the contact, tap the handset symbol and you’re ready to go.
  • Tip: It is best to use a headset to make phone calls. On the one hand, tablets do not look very elegant on the ear, on the other hand, the integrated hands-free speaker may also be too weak to enable a pleasant conversation. Your tablet may only come with conventional headphones. In this case, you should rather use the headset of your smartphone.

Calls without a SIM card – this is how it works on Samsung’s Tabs

Even if you don’t have a SIM card on your tablet and are only online via W-LAN, you can still make calls with your Samsung tablet. In the meantime, a ring no longer has to be made via the telephone network, which is why there are also solutions that use the Internet connection (via W-LAN):

  • In addition to free video chats, “Skype” also offers chargeable but very cheap connections to normal telephone numbers worldwide. All you have to do is install the “Skype” app on your Samsung Galaxy Tab, top up your credit with the company and you can reach any number worldwide at a fair price from the comfort of your tablet via the app.
  • An interesting alternative to this is the service “UppTalk” (formerly Yuilop), through which you can also make free phone calls and send SMS via W-LAN – even to normal phone numbers. The app for Android is financed through advertising; in addition, you have a limited quota of “energy” for SMS or phone calls, which you can recharge with incoming calls, SMS, or promotions.

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