Samsung Galaxy Flip Android apps on the external display – this is how it works

by Pramith

If you want to display Android apps on the external display of your Samsung Galaxy Flip, you can do this either via the settings or Good Lock.

Show Samsung Galaxy Flip Android apps on the external display via the settings

With the Samsung Galaxy Flip smartphones, you can also use apps without opening the phone. From the Galaxy Z Flip 5 model onwards, you can display these on the outer display.

  • In principle, you can easily add widgets to the outer screen. You do not need any special apps for this.
  • You can also activate a small selection of apps for the front screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 directly via the smartphone.
  • Go to Advanced functions in the settings.
  • Use the Labs item to access the option Apps allowed on front display. Activate this item
  • Then select the apps you want to see on the outer display from a list.
  • However, you can only select from a few apps in this way. To be able to choose from all the apps on your smartphone, you must first install a specific app.

Add more apps to the front display with Good Lock

To use a larger selection of apps on the front display, you need the Good Lock app.

  • Open the app after installation
  • Tap Life up and search for the MultiStar application, which you will now install.
  • Open MultiStar and tap I (heart symbol) Galaxy Foldable.
  • Open the launcher widget there.
  • Click on the apps that you want to be shown on the outer display.
  • Finally, tap on Enable Launcher Widget.
  • Note that not all apps adapt to the display size.

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