Strava vs. Komoot: The two apps in comparison

by Pramith

Both Strava and Komoot focus on fitness – but in very different ways. We compare both fitness apps and tell you what each app can do and what you should expect to pay.

Strava vs. Komoot – what the tracking apps can do

Health and fitness apps are many. For mountain bikers and runners, the apps from Strava and Komoot are particularly suitable. In this chapter, we first take a look at Strava:

  • What Strava is: Strava is a tracking, analysis and sports community app for runners, cyclists and swimmers. The app allows you to record and analyse your training and compare it with your own data and that of others. The community section is all about sharing between users.
  • How it works: Strava sees itself as a kind of social network for athletes. Once registered – with email, first name, last name, date of birth and gender – you can join numerous clubs and challenges. In addition, you can search for users with similar interests and routes in the community and thus get pushed.
  • Special features: Strava not only records the distance, time, distance and speed, but also gives audio feedback. The auto-stop function is practical. If you stop at red lights while running or cycling, for example, you don’t have to constantly interrupt the tracking – the app does this for you automatically.
  • In addition, you can divide the GPS tracker into smaller sections. For example, on Strava you can create a climb as a single segment and compare the segment times after each trip. This is a good way to see whether your training is paying off or whether you have already reached your maximum.
  • With Strava, you can share your location during an activity live and to a maximum of three people.
  • Cost: The basic app is free. It includes activity recording, synchronisation with GPS devices such as running watches or cycling computers, and use as a social network. All other features, including segment leaderboards, are only available with the premium version, which costs 5 euros a month.
  • Extras: Strava users can test the premium version for 60 days free of charge. Attention: The subscription is automatically renewed if not cancelled.
  • This is what else you need to know: Strava is ad-free, can be used for Android and iOS and has a live tracking function. In addition, the app counts achievements and is compatible with separate heart rate monitors.

Komoot – App for mountain bikers and hikers

Komoot is also one of the fitness and tracking apps. What exactly the app can do and for whom it is suitable, you will find out in this section.

  • What Komoot is: Komoot is a navigation tool for cyclists, mountain bikers, mountaineers and hikers. The tool can be used for precise route planning and recording of these.
  • How it works: After registering, you enter the required parameters, including the type of sport, your fitness level, the starting and finishing points and the desired duration or distance. You will then receive suggested tours.
  • Your tour is recorded in great detail. You can also view your current speed, the remaining distance and the estimated time of arrival.
  • Special features: The app can distinguish between uphill and downhill. This allows you to avoid steep passages. If you have selected a route that has a certain gradient, Komoot automatically searches for a flatter alternative. The steep sections are automatically indicated for downhill rides.
  • In addition, there are warnings such as “steep climb”, “access restricted” or “unsuitable surface”. This allows you to plan your route even more precisely.
  • Costs: The app can be downloaded free of charge. You have to pay at least 3.99 euros for the map material.
  • Extras: At the beginning, every user is allowed to choose a free map material for an area of choice.
  • There’s more to know: Komoot is ad-free and united for Android and iOS. There is also a live tracking function and photos can be taken.

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