What is Bixby? Explained simply and clearly

by Pramith

Many users are less familiar with what Bixby is. Other voice assistants such as Siri and Cortana are much better known

What is Bixby – the Samsung voice assistant introduced

Bixby is at home on Samsung smartphones with Android Pie.

  • Bixby is more than just an information provider or shopping advisor. The helper can also do smarthome. The main functions are “Voice”, “Vision”, “Home” and “Reminder”.
  • Samsung not only manufactures smartphones, but also household appliances. This is where it has an advantage over other voice assistants. Samsung wants to make its electrical household appliances compatible with the Bixby voice assistant in the future
  • What else Bixby can do: Recognize things held in front of the lens. For example, if you point the lens at your neighbor’s shoes, Bixby will show you where to buy them.
  • After a long wait, Bixby has now also learned German. Previously, the voice assistant could only speak English, Korean and Mandarin Chinese.
  • In addition to German, Bixby has also learned Italian and Spanish.
  • The only requirement for using Bixby: Your Samsung smartphone needs to be upgraded to Android 9.0 Pie.

Bixby “Home” to join in

Get to Bixby “Home” with a swipe gesture from the home screen.

  • This not only takes you to the calendar, but also to other third-party applications.
  • Samsung wants to make its assistant a little more interesting for users this way.
  • Samsung has created the Bixby Developer Studio, a freely available development platform, so that as many developers as possible can participate and the scope of the offering can grow quickly.
  • This platform is intended to make not only services but also devices suitable for the assistant. Samsung is therefore also opening up the “SmartThings” platform to third-party providers. This means you can not only control Samsung devices using Bixby

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