Cycling with a baby: All information for parents

by Tobias

Parents have different options for cycling together with a baby. In general, three variants have become established that offer a high level of safety with the right equipment. There are differences in comfort and price.

Riding a bicycle with a baby in a classic bicycle seat

If you want to ride a bike with your baby, you need the right equipment. However, there are a few things you should consider beforehand. In Germany, there are basically no legal regulations as to when a baby can be taken along on a bicycle. You as parents are free to decide this. However, you should bear in mind that the spine of very young babies is still very sensitive and even small jolts can lead to injuries.

  • Wait at least until your baby can sit up by itself. This is usually around six or seven months. You should also have a well-maintained and fully functional bicycle and be able to ride a bike safely. Don’t forget a bicycle helmet for your baby and for yourself.
  • Caution: Children up to the age of seven may only be carried on a bicycle by persons over the age of 16.
  • The classic transport option for babies is the child bike seat. The advantage here is the comparatively low purchase cost. When buying a seat, you should make sure that it has the GS mark and is equipped with footrests, harnesses and restraint devices.
  • Child bicycle seats come in two varieties: One is a seat that is fitted at the front between the handlebars and the bicycle seat. And once as a seat that is mounted behind the bicycle seat. With the front seat, the baby sees more and you can reach for him in a dangerous situation. The disadvantage is that the backrest is too short for the baby’s head to rest on. The maximum weight that can be carried in a front seat is 15 kilograms.
  • The rear seat is designed for a maximum weight of 25 kilograms. Although the baby mainly looks at the cyclist’s back here, the long backrest is also suitable for a comfortable sleeping position.

Much comfort for babies is offered by trailers and cargo bikes

In addition to the classic child bike seat, there are two other alternatives with which you can transport your baby by bike.

  • The bicycle trailer is a safe and very comfortable alternative for one or two children. The trailer not only offers protection from wind and rain, but also enough storage space for blankets, drinking, food or toys. Big advantage: with certain baby carriers, even very small babies who cannot yet sit can be taken along.
  • Disadvantage: The purchase costs for a bicycle trailer are quite high at several hundred to a thousand euros. In addition, the trailers are bulky and heavy. As a parent, you not only have to pedal hard to get around, but also make sure that the paths you use are wide enough.
  • You can also use the cargo bike to carry one or more babies. The cargo bike is available with two or three wheels. It should be equipped with a three-point seat belt. Accessories include rain covers, backrests and neckrests. Disadvantage: Cargo bikes are heavy and less dynamic to steer. In addition, they are expensive to buy, with prices in the four-digit range.

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