E-bike in the rain: How great is the risk of damage

by Mike

Although electronics should not come into contact with water, nothing usually happens to an e-bike in the rain. If you take a few simple precautions, you can use your electric bike in any weather.

Riding an e-bike in the rain is no problem

Particularly people who use their electric bike not only as a hobby device, but also use it as a means of transport for business and private purposes, depend on a bike that is allowed to get wet without being damaged.

  • E bikes are water resistant and can be used in the rain just like regular bikes.
  • The electronics are firmly and securely installed inside the battery and protected from rain and splash water. If it is dirty, you may even hose the bike down with the garden hose.
  • When you park your bike at your destination, you may leave it in the rain unless it is raining extremely hard. Ideally, it should be under a roof or you should have a tarpaulin with you that you can throw over your parked e-bike.
  • However, an electric bike is not waterproof. So although water can only penetrate to the electronics with great difficulty, this does not mean that it is impossible in principle.
  • Therefore, avoid puddles that are so deep that the drive unit is immersed in water. Dry the battery carefully after driving through the rain or cleaning it with water.

The electric bicycle is best parked indoors

Leaving your e-bike out in the rain is not a bad thing. But the permanent parking place should be in the dry.

  • If the bicycle is exposed to heavy rain for a longer period of time, possibly even for several days, the water can seep through to the electronics sooner or later.
  • The ideal storage space for an e-bike is an interior with good air circulation so that there is no constant humidity caused by accumulated water.
  • Apart from the risk of engine damage, a bike that is constantly exposed to rainfall over a long period of time will begin to rust the chain.
  • If indoor storage is not possible, the e-bike must be covered with a waterproof cover. There are special bike covers, but if necessary a plastic tarpaulin is also sufficient.

What to do if you suspect engine damage due to water ingress?

Sometimes it does happen: The e-bike was out in heavy rain and now the motor no longer works or shows abnormalities.

  • Take your e-bike to a specialist dealer. Only he will be able to help you reliably.
  • It is advisable to have the electric bike serviced annually, where the motor seal, among other things, is checked. If the motor seal is no longer intact, it is very easy for water to hit the sensitive electronics.

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