Is it allowed to overtake in one-way streets? Simply explained

by Johannes

Whether you are allowed to overtake in one-way streets is unclear, especially for novice drivers. But even if you’ve had your driving licence for a long time, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on a few traffic rules.

Good to know: You’re allowed to overtake in one-way streets

In the jungle of traffic rules, it is sometimes difficult for novice drivers and even long-time drivers to keep track. One-way streets may only be driven in one direction, that’s clear. But what about overtaking in a one-way street?

  • It is generally permitted to overtake in a one-way street. But in practice this is usually difficult.
  • In most one-way streets there is not enough space to overtake the vehicle in front of you with enough distance. Especially when there are cars parked on the right and left sides of the road, overtaking becomes almost impossible.
  • However, if the lane is wide enough or even two lanes wide enough, overtaking in a one-way street is not a problem – as long as you keep to the speed limit.
  • If a tram is travelling in front of you, you may overtake it on the left in the one-way street. Otherwise, rail vehicles must be overtaken on the right-hand side.

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