Is private leasing worth it? What you need to know

by Corinna

Whether leasing is worthwhile for private individuals depends on various criteria. Differences to commercial leasing should also be taken into account.

For whom private leasing is worthwhile

A car lease is the alternative to buying a new car. Instead of a purchase, a “leasing contract” is concluded, much like the rental contract in housing. At the end of the specified contract period, the vehicle goes back to the dealer.

  • Leasing offers the lure of not having to pay a large amount in one go. Only monthly contributions are due.
  • So if you can’t pay a large one-off amount but still want a new car, leasing is a good alternative.
  • From a financial point of view, private leasing is not lucrative. Over the years, the premiums add up. In addition, there are costs for maintenance, additional insurances and delivery/transfer fees.
  • The difference to commercial leasing is that the trader can deduct the costs from tax. This gives him a great advantage compared to a private individual, even if the leasing instalments are somewhat higher.

Other advantages and disadvantages

Of course, there are many more factors that should be considered when deciding between buying and leasing. These are basically dependent on the person or situation.

  • Another advantage is the possibility of integrating maintenance and wear-and-tear repairs into the contract. Of course, this is also associated with costs, but the customer thus has one hundred percent planning security for years to come.
  • However, this planning security can also be a disadvantage. If plans change, a leasing contract is binding and makes inflexible. A lease takeover is also only possible in exceptional cases, which would be the only way out of the contract.
  • Summary: Anyone who wants to plan for the long term, has no desire for flexibility within the contract period and also has a secure income of a sufficient amount can consider private leasing. The basic prerequisite remains the desire for a new car, otherwise there are numerous cheaper alternatives.

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