Tesla Car Wash Mode: What it can do and how to activate it.

by Pramith

Some Tesla vehicles have a feature called car wash mode. This is designed to prevent damage when driving through a car wash.

This is what Tesla’s car wash mode can do

Following problems with some Teslas in car washes, the car wash mode was introduced in 2021. So far, however, this feature is only available for the “3” and “Y” models.

  • Tesla’s car wash mode closes the flap over the vehicle’s charge port. This is to prevent the flap from being opened by the rotating brushes and water from entering the socket.
  • The tailgate on Tesla vehicles is opened by a sensor. When driving in car washes, it used to happen that the brushes triggered this sensor and the tailgate opened. This is why the car wash mode also locks the tailgate.
    The washer mode also locks the windows and deactivates the windscreen wipers and parking sensors. This prevents their sensors from reacting in the car wash.

How to activate the car wash mode on a Tesla

Teslas are not necessarily popular with car wash operators. Tesla itself even completely excludes the warranty in case of damage caused by the use of car washes with brushes. So in principle, you should prefer contactless washing with your Tesla.

  • To activate the car wash mode, the Tesla must be stationary and not actively charging. Then select the Vehicle category on the touchscreen. Then tap on “Services” and activate “Car Wash Mode” there.
  • If you are using an automatic car wash, you must also ensure that the wheels can turn freely. To do this, press your brake pedal and select “Free rolling on” on the touchscreen or switch the selector lever to “N”.
  • You can exit the car wash mode via the touchscreen after the wash by selecting “Services” again via the Vehicle menu item.
  • But the car wash mode is also automatically deactivated if you move the Tesla at a speed greater than 15 km/h.

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