Topping up the car’s coolant – here’s how

by Johannes

If your car is losing coolant or the level is simply too low, you can top up the fluid yourself. We’ll show you how to do it

Car: Refilling the coolant

Coolant is available online as well as at many petrol stations and garages. You also need clear water. Distilled water is ideal, but not absolutely necessary.

  • If you open the hood, you will usually find the coolant reservoir on the left-hand side. This is roughly the size of a handball
  • You will usually find an inscription such as “G12” on the container. Your coolant should have the same marking. Important: Only fill the container between the “Min” and “Max” areas
  • Screw off the lid and top up with approximately equal amounts of coolant and water. Caution: Only open the reservoir when the engine is cold. Dangerous pressure builds up in the reservoir when the engine is warm

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