What do green license plates mean? Simply explained

by Corinna

Green license plates are issued for vehicles with special tax concessions and emission values. Not every vehicle can obtain these license plates

What do green license plates mean? All information

Green license plates are only issued to vehicles that are exempt from vehicle tax.

  • However, this is not possible for every vehicle, but only for forestry and agricultural vehicles or registered aid organizations and associations, for example.
  • It is not uncommon to see the green license plates on street cleaning machines and during winter service.
  • Occasionally you can also see emergency vehicles with them.
  • People with disabilities also have the opportunity to obtain a vehicle with a green license plate, provided it is used by them and not by other people.
  • Showmen also have the option of using green license plates.
  • The green license plate can also be applied for numerous trailers, for example for the transport of horses, dogs or lifeboats.
  • Even if you get a green license plate, you must not forget to take out insurance for the vehicle. Because this is not included

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