Removing tyres from rims: This is how you proceed

by Flo

Removing tyres from rims is best done in a workshop with the appropriate machines. However, if you want to change the tyres at home, you will need the right tools as well as manual dexterity. It is therefore advisable to change the entire wheel including the rim.

Remove tyres from rims without a specialist workshop

A car workshop uses a tyre changer or tyre changer to remove car tyres from aluminium or steel rims. At home, this is how you proceed when changing tyres:

  • First deflate the tyre with or without a compressor
  • The tyre will slide off the rim more easily if the valves are completely removed from the rubber casing.
  • The tyre is then pressed inwards into the rim, where the so-called rim well is located.
  • From the opposite side of the rim, you can now lever out the car tyre using a tyre lever and only a little pressure. It is better to use two tyre irons that are carefully pushed between the tyre and the rim.
  • Old car tyres can be disposed of free of charge at the local recycling centre, the newly fitted tyre must always be balanced before driving off.

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