When your driving licence is gone: What you need to know

by Pramith

Whoever drives a car on the road should consider the question of when the driving licence is gone. One reason can be disregarding the speed limit.

At what point the driving licence is gone: All information at a glance

When a driver’s licence is taken away, it is usually very annoying for the person concerned. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, deal with the rules.

  • So you have to say goodbye to your driving licence for 1-3 months if you disregard the speeds and are caught. This applies to speeding in towns from 31 km/h onwards and in cities from 41 km/h onwards.
  • If you exceed the speed limit by more than 26 km/h twice within a 12-month period, you will also be liable to a 1-3 month driving licence suspension.
  • Red light violations also have consequences. If the traffic light is red for more than 1 second, the licence is usually gone for a month. If the light has been red for longer and you are endangering other road users, your driving licence may also be completely gone.
  • Another reason is driving under the influence of alcohol. If you are caught with more than 1.1 per mille, your driving licence will be permanently revoked. Between 0.5 and 1.1 per mille, you face driving bans and fines.
  • Drugs are also an absolute no-go at the wheel. There are no exact limits according to which they are judged, but a driving ban or a permanent revocation of the driving licence are guaranteed.
  • If you crash or flee the scene of an accident, it is also possible, depending on the severity, that your driving licence will be gone.
  • Those who have accumulated the maximum number of 8 points in Flensburg must also hand in their driving licence.

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