Windscreen wipers do not work: This may be the cause

by Johannes

If your windscreen wipers do not work, this may have several causes. Especially in view of the visibility conditions, it is important to find the cause quickly and thus repair the windscreen wipers quickly.

Windscreen wiper does not work – possible causes

If the windscreen wipers suddenly no longer function completely, or even at all, this can have various causes.

  • Faulty wiper motor: If, for example, you operate frozen windscreen wipers in winter without loosening them first, the wiper motor can break down.
  • Defective windscreen wiper fuse: A poorly insulated cable or even a defective wiper motor can cause the fuse to blow.
  • Sluggish windscreen wipers: If the windscreen wipers still work, but are slower than usual or drag, they are usually dirty. The windscreen wiper linkage could also be rusty.

    Damaged windscreen wipers – what to do?

    It is important to repair defective windscreen wipers as soon as possible. After all, driving without functioning windscreen wipers in bad weather conditions is not only very dangerous, but also forbidden according to paragraph 40 of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO).

    • The replacement of the entire wiper motor is usually due when there is absolutely no noise and no movement of the wiper blades when the windscreen wipers are operated. Unfortunately, the wiper motor is not cheap.
    • If you hear a buzzing or humming sound when the windscreen wipers are operated without wiping, then it is often only the wiper motor fuse that is defective. In this case, the fuse must be replaced, but this is much cheaper than the complete wiper motor.
    • If the windscreen wipers are sluggish or drag on the windscreen, it is advisable to address the cause quickly before the motor is damaged.

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