Activate Fortnite two-factor authentication: Here’s how

by Pramith

With two-factor authentication for Fortnite, your account is doubly protected. There are three authentication methods available to you

Fortnite: How to activate two-factor authentication

Fortnite belongs to Epic Games and your user account is managed by the developer. For two-factor authentication, you must adjust the security settings of your Epic Games account accordingly.

  • Visit the Epic Games website or open the launcher on your device. Log in with your account
  • Navigate to the icon that looks like a little man in the top right-hand corner. If you move the cursor over it, a drop-down menu will open. Select the Account option there
  • In the account settings, switch to the Password & Security tab. Scroll down to the Two-factor authentication section
  • You can now choose one of the following authentication methods: Two-factor authenticator app, two-factor authentication via email or two-factor authentication via SMS code.
  • If you choose the app, you will receive a code on your smartphone when you try to log in, which you enter in addition to your password. If you choose e-mail authentication, you will receive the code by e-mail. The SMS code will of course be sent to your smartphone
  • Click on Set up for the desired method and follow the on-screen instructions. Your account is then doubly protected, making it much more difficult for hackers to gain access to it.
  • In addition to your account data, they also need your smartphone or email access. You, on the other hand, only need to log into your account with an additional code, which you receive either via the authenticator app, email or text message.
  • Tip: Two-factor authentication also rewards you with the Boogie Down emote. This is unlocked immediately and you can then use it in Fortnite

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