Activate PS5 primary: How it works

by Mike

By activating your PS5 as your primary console, you can share games or use them offline. Activation requires just a few clicks.

Enable PS5 as primary console: Instructions

You activate your Playstation 5 as your primary gaming console as follows:

  • Navigate to the settings on the Playstation 5 home screen. You can recognise this by the gear wheel in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Within the settings, select the Users and Accounts tab to access your console’s account management. Within this menu click on the option Other.
  • Now select the submenu Console Sharing and Offline Play. You then have the choice to enable or disable console sharing.
  • To register your console as the primary PS5, you must enable console sharing. You can also deactivate the console as the primary platform in the same way.
  • Important: You can only activate one Playstation 5 as the primary console via your account.

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