PS5 crashes: Common problems and their solution

by Pramith

If your PS5 crashes, various causes can be the reason. This also applies to games that suddenly stop and have to be restarted.

PS5 crashes: causes and solutions

When your PS5 crashes, restarting the console is often enough. Before that, you need to turn it off properly. If that doesn’t work, check the following causes:

  • Sleep mode often causes the PS5 to crash. To disable it, go to Settings (cogwheel) on the Home screen. Under the Energy Saving Mode menu, you can turn off Sleep Mode.
  • Another problem is a non-constant power supply due to a damaged or improperly connected power cable. Turn off the PS5, unplug the power cable and plug it back in.
  • Check it for possible damage and make sure it is properly seated in the PS5. If there is any damage to the power cable, replace it with a new one.
  • If the firmware of your PS5 is out of date, crashes are not uncommon. Install necessary firmware updates to fix the crashes.
  • If none of the previous solutions helped, you should reset your PS5. This will completely reboot your console, which will help against deeper-seated errors.

PS5 games crash: This helps against it

If your games keep crashing on the PS5 instead, the following causes may be responsible:

  • Sometimes broken game saves can be the reason for regular crashes. Start a new savegame to check this possibility and, even if it is difficult, delete the faulty savegame if necessary.
  • In addition to savegames, faulty game data can lead to crashes. Especially with digital variants, it is possible that data packets are damaged during the download. Download the game again to replace broken data.
  • Alternatively, missing updates may be the problem. Select the game from the Home screen and press the Option key on your controller. Now select the Check for Update option to download and install missing updates.
  • Damaged or dirty discs are often the cause when your PS5 crashes while gaming. Try another disc or clean the one you are using thoroughly to eliminate the problem.
  • Rarely, crashes may occur due to Internet or server problems in games with a permanent online connection. Fix corresponding connection problems or wait for server updates until you continue playing.

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