Ark: Tame Oviraptor – Ark: Survival Evolved

by Corinna

Catch and tame an Oviraptor in Ark: Survival Evolved and you can increase the egg production in your camp. We show you how to get the dinosaur with the impressive horn on its forehead in our game tip.

Ark: Survival Evolved – How to tame the Oviraptor

While you can’t ride a captured and tamed Oviraptor, you can increase egg production in your base – either for your rations or for food.

  • The Oviraptor is very shy and will try to run away when you approach it. That’s why you have to use the bola to catch it. Tip: Oviraptors with a low level are easier to tame.
  • Once this has worked, stun the dinosaur with stun arrows. Be a little cautious when using the arrows. One or two should be enough to incapacitate the Oviraptor. Use too many and it can kill the dinosaur.
  • If the Oviraptor is unconscious, tame it by placing eggs in its inventory and feeding them to it. Giganotosaurus, Quetzal, Rex and Spino eggs are best.
  • You can maintain the stun by also feeding stim berries as soon as the dinosaur becomes more alert.
  • The tamed Oviraptor increases egg production in your camp through its pheromone. Therefore, after taming him, bring him to your base, tie him up there and put him in an enclosure so that he doesn’t run away. Then all you have to do is set him to “wander” via the command menu.

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