Cheats: These exist

by Johannes

Cheats on can spoil the gaming experience. Read which cheats exist and what penalties and measures the chess site takes. Cheats are actually forbidden

Using cheats on or any other chess platform is unfair and unethical. Chess is a game based on fairness, strategy and intellectual challenge. Using cheats not only compromises the integrity of the game, but may also lead to sanctions, including exclusion from the platform.

  • We strongly recommend that you play chess or other games in a fair manner and respect the rules and regulations of the platform.
  • If you want to improve your skills in chess, there are many resources and tools available, including tactics trainers, chess books, online courses and chess clubs that can help you. You can learn chess online.
  • Cheating is no way to develop as a chess player and experience the joy of the game. These cheats are available

It’s important to understand how people can cheat so that platforms like can take action to crack down on cheaters. Here are some of the ways people can cheat on online chess platforms:

  • Chess engines: Most cheaters use chess engines or computer programs to predict their moves. These programs can calculate the best moves in each position and give advice to the player. Since machines are now better at chess than humans, cheaters win very often this way.
  • Team play: Players can share information about their game with others who support them by recommending the best moves. Sometimes these helpers are better than the actual owner of the account, so there is almost no chance for opponents at the same Elo level.
  • Multiple accounts: A player can create multiple accounts and use them to play against himself to easily gain rating points. Or he can use new accounts to play against weaker opponents. This is then called smurfing.

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