Diablo 4: How to farm silver ore

by Pramith

There are various ways to farm silver ore in Diablo 4. For example, you can swing the pickaxe

Farming silver ore in Diablo 4: Suitable options

Silver ore is an important resource in Diablo 4 for improving weapons and other equipment. There are various ways in which you can farm the ore:

  • Silver ore is not limited to one region in Sanctuary. You can get it from any iron ore vein in the world. The drop rate cannot be increased, so always mine as much ore as possible
  • If you have too much iron left over, you can exchange it for silver ore with an alchemist. For ten pieces of iron you get one silver ore. This can be a lucrative way of obtaining larger quantities of silver ore.
  • You can also dismantle equipment at the blacksmith to obtain silver ore. This is only possible with magic items.

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