Dreamlight Valley: Catching shrimp – it’s that easy

by Pramith

Shrimp in Disney Dreamlight Valley are among the rare seafood you need for some quests and recipes

Fish for prawns in Dreamlight Valley: Info on the crustaceans

You can fish for more than just tuna and other seafood in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Goofy asks you for shrimps early on in the game, but he doesn’t tell you where to find them.

  • Shrimps can only be found on the Iridescent Beach, which you can unlock with 1,000 Dreamlights. They have the highest spawn rate on the eastern side of the bridge near the Skull Rock.
  • Look out for blue and gold fishing points. The animals do not appear at the conventional ones. Cast your rod there
  • If you only find the normal fishing spots, empty them and leave the beach. After five to ten minutes, new bubbles will appear, hopefully in blue or gold color. The respawn time cannot be accelerated, which makes shrimp farming difficult
  • Shrimps are not difficult to fish. You usually have to wait for three rings before you pull the animals out of the water.
  • Tip: Make sure you take a resident like Goofy with you, to whom you have assigned the fishing skill. This will give you more shrimps as soon as you fish one.
  • Dazzling Beach Disney Dreamlight Valley

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