Pokémon Go: Collect Mega Energy

by Michaela

If you want to trigger a Mega evolution in Pokémon Go, you need Mega Energy to do so. There are several ways to get this energy in the game

Collect Mega Energy in Pokémon Go – here’s how

For the first Mega evolution of a Pokémon, you need to collect enough matching Mega Energy. Afterwards, this is no longer mandatory to trigger the evolution.

  • Mega Raids: If you successfully fight Mega Pokémon in Raids, you will receive the corresponding Mega Energy as a reward. The faster you defeat the Pokémon, the more Mega Energy you will receive.
  • The amount of Mega Energy you can get from Raids ranges from 30 to 90. If the Raid Boss is a Legendary Mega Pokémon, the maximum is 225.
  • Buddy Pokémon: If you have already triggered Mega Evolution in your Buddy Pokémon’s evolutionary line, you can also get corresponding Mega Energies by walking.
  • Field Research: You can also get Mega Energy for certain Pokémon through field research tasks. You can get the tasks by spinning the photo disc of Pokéstops.

How Mega Development Works

With Mega Energy, you can not only trigger the first Mega evolution in a Pokémon, but also reach higher Mega levels faster.

  • Mega evolution is triggered by selecting the Pokémon in your storage and tapping on “Mega evolution”. You can then see how long the evolution will last in the top left corner. There you can also see how long the rest period lasts until the next mega evolution.
  • After the Mega evolution, there is a rest period that lasts several days. After this, you can evolve the Pokémon without the energy. You can shorten the resting phase by using Mega Energy.
  • The more often you Mega Evolve a Pokémon, the higher its Mega Level will be. Higher levels give you, among other things, a Catch Candy bonus and a chance to get XL Candy. In addition, the cost of Mega Evolving will be lower and the rest period will be shorter.
  • You cannot collect more than 9999 Mega Energy per Pokémon species. Once you have reached this number, you will not receive any more Mega Energy.
  • Mega Energy can only be used for a certain Pokémon species. Therefore, you must collect different Mega Energy to evolve multiple Pokémon species.
  • Mega evolution can change the Pokémon’s type, but its attacks remain the same.

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