Dreamlight Valley: Improve your house – all options and costs.

by Johannes

In Dreamlight Valley, you can upgrade your house in stages. Each upgrade will cost a little more, but will give your home a nicer interior.

How to upgrade your house in Dreamlight Valley

Next to Scrooge’s shop or Goofy’s stall, home is probably the choice to invest in for many gamers in Dreamlight Valley.

  • Importantly, you unlock the feature to upgrade your home after doing a few Scrooge McDuck quests.
  • The game offers a total of three upgrade levels for your house. The first level still costs 2,000 thalers. The second already 20,000 and the third 75,000 Taler.
  • Improving your house does not only make it bigger on the outside. Storage chests inside get more storage space and it also becomes possible to unlock more rooms on more floors.
  • Three rooms are possible per floor, which can have three different sizes. The smallest size costs 1,000 thalers and the largest 3,000.
  • In addition, it should be possible to buy up to 20 floors in the game, which would cost several million thalers. A total of up to 80 rooms would thus be possible.

This is important for the house extension

To get as much space as possible in your house, you need lots of coins first.

  • To earn money in Dreamlight Valley, you complete quests. These give you the much sought-after star coins as a reward.
  • In order to make good use of your newly won space in the house, you need furniture and decorative objects. You can find these in Scrooge’s shop, which changes daily, or randomly scattered around the valley in little bags.
  • It’s especially nice when you design themed rooms. Each Disney and Pixar character in the game has specific furniture that you can collect. It also helps here that you can name the rooms in your house individually.

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