Diablo 4: Solve “Donan’s Favour” and unlock mounts.

by Corinna

The quest “Mount: Donan’s Favour” in Diablo 4 is important if you want to use a mount. It unlocks the use of mounts

Diablo 4: “Mount: Donan’s Favour” in detail

The quest “Mount: Donan’s Favour” unlocks the use of mounts in Diablo 4.

  • The quest is obtained through the story progression. It is available from the second chapter onwards and familiarises you with the mount system.
    • The quest requires you to be level 30, which is why it was not possible to use mounts in the beta.
    • After completing the quest, you will have access to stables. There it is possible to store mounts and customise their equipment.
    • Equipment includes saddles, armour and trophies that can be displayed on the mount. Furthermore, the speed of the mounts can be adjusted by the horseshoes used.

    Get more mounts in Diablo 4

    After successfully completing the quest, you can obtain additional mounts and appropriate equipment in Diablo 4. This is possible via the following methods:

    • Explore the hidden corners of the game world to find new mounts. Often interesting equipment will be hiding there for you.
    • It is also possible to get new mounts through puzzles and quests within the game. This also applies to world bosses, which can drop mounts.
    • PvP mode also unlocks mounts that you can use afterwards.

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