Dredge refined metal: benefits and locations

by Johannes

In Dredge, refined metal is a valuable resource for improving the hull. There are several ways to obtain it

Dredge: Where to find refined metal

Dredge offers you the opportunity to purchase refined metal for 500 dollars per piece from the Traveling Merchant. This is possible for all pontoons. The game world also offers plenty of the resource.

  • Attention: Many locations can only be reached with upgrades. You will primarily need to stock up on explosives
  • Gale Cliff is one of the easiest locations. There you will find three units of refined metal. Without explosives, you can visit the waterfall cave to the south in particular and find a chest with refined metal there
  • If you complete the shrine in the northeast of the map at Devil’s Spine, you will receive two additional units of refined metal in addition to the quest reward. You only need the right fish for this
  • If you put all three treasure map fragments together, you will gain access to the treasure chest in the south-western sea. A refined metal awaits you in the treasure chest.
  • All other locations (visible on the map) require explosives to obtain the refined metal. So make sure you have enough of them as a precaution.

Dredge: Use refined metal

Once you have refined metal available in Dredge, you can upgrade your hull.

  • To do this, either go to the Ship Master’s Dry Dock or one of the Floating Docks at the Traveling Merchant. There you can install new upgrades
  • You will need a total of six units of refined metal to completely upgrade the hull. There are also other materials that are much easier to find or cheaper to buy.
  • For the first stage of the improved hull of your fishing boat, you need a refined metal and have to pay 500 dollars. The second stage requires two units of metal and 800 dollars.
  • The third and final stage of the hull will cost you 1,500 dollars and three units of refined metal. After that, the ship is much more robust and can better withstand attacks from dangerous creatures.
  • In addition, you increase the space available on your ship with each upgrade. The last level alone provides 17 empty spaces that you can use.

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