Fallout 4 Cheats: All cheats at a glance

by Mike

In Fallout 4, there are a few cheats that can make life in the Commonwealth much easier. With two of the codes you can expand your inventory with any item.

The 10 best cheats for Fallout 4

Note: The codes only work in the PC version of Fallout 4. You must enter them via the console, which you access by pressing [Ö] in the default layout

  • “tgm”: With this you call up the Godmode. In godmode you have infinite health, ammunition and action points.
  • “tmm 1”: This cheat reveals the map and unlocks all locations.
  • “unlock”: Opens the terminal or door in front of you.
  • “tm”: Turns the menu and UI on or off.
  • “sexchange”: Changes the gender of your game character.
  • “coc qasmoke”: This command teleports you to a test chamber. In this chamber you will find, among other things, all the items that exist in the game world of Fallout 4. With “coc ufocrashsite01” you get back into the real world
  • “player.setav speedmult “: Increases the speed of your player by the entered value.
  • “setgs fJumpHeightMin “: The higher the entered value, the higher you jump. However, you will also receive fall damage if you have not activated the Godmode.
  • “tdetect”: With this command, the AI does not perceive you. This allows you to roam the wasteland undetected and steal from NPCs safely.
  • “player.modav “: Increases the specified skill by the specified value.
  • “caqs”: Ends the game by completing all the steps of the main quest.
  • “coc qasmoke”: You will be teleported to a room with various boxes. The boxes contain every item from the game.
  • “kill”: Kill the intended target.
  • “killall”: Kill all NPCs within a certain radius.
  • “player.additem [Item ID] [Number]”: You will receive a specific item in the desired number.
  • “player.placeatm [Item ID] [Number]”: The code places a desired item near you in the desired number.
  • “player.modav [Skill] [Number]”: This will increase a skill by the specified number.
  • “player.setav speedmult [number]”: Increase your race speed by the specified number.
  • “player.setlevel [number]”: Increase the level to the specified number.
  • “setgsfJumpHeightMin [number]”: Adjusts the jump height.
  • “resurrect”: Brings a creature back to life.
  • “set timescale to [number]”: Makes the time run faster or slower.
  • “setscale [number 1-10]”: Zooms in on you or the intended target.
  • “tai”: Turns AI of NPCs on or off
  • “tcai”: Turns combat AI of NPCs on or off
  • “tcl”: Turns NoClip mode on or off.
  • “tdetect”: The AI can no longer detect you.
  • “tfc”: Activates the free camera.

Items-IDs for various items

With the cheats player.additem [Item ID] [number] and player.placeatm [Item ID] [number] you can add items, weapons and ammunition to your inventory. To do this, however, you must know the item ID of the desired item. Here is the list in alphabetical order:

  • Aluminium rifle: 0001F908
  • Baby bottle small: 001A89A0
  • Baby bottle large: 001A899B
  • Biometric Scanner: 00154AD3
  • Blast Radius – Board Game: 006B165
  • Prepared food tray: 00059B2C
  • Fire extinguisher: 0001F8F9
  • Fusion core: 0004835F
  • camera: 00059A83
  • Adhesive tape: 0004D1F2
  • Piston: 00059AFB
  • crown cork: 0000000F
  • delivery fibreglass: 001EC144
  • delivery steel001EC132
  • Delivery Clothing: 001EC13E
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum: 0004835F
  • RadAway: 00023742
  • Toy Alien: 00059B2B
  • Toy Rocket: 00059B2A
  • Pen: 00059AF8
  • Stimpak: 00023736
  • Wiggle Doll Perception: 00178B5D
  • Weapons & Ammunition
  • Deliverer: 000DC8EF
  • Fatman: 000BD56F
  • Cryolator: 00171B2B
  • Cryo-cell: 0018ABE2
  • mini atomic bomb: 000E6B2E
  • Minigun: 0001F669
  • 5mm Ammunition: 0001F66C

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