Flying in Minecraft – here’s how

by Pramith

You can fly in Minecraft with a certain item or if you play the creative mode of the sandbox classic

Flying in Minecraft with Elytren: All the info

In Minecraft, there is an item that allows you to glide for long periods of time: Elytra.

  • Elytra are worn like armor for the upper body. They allow you to glide when jumping from a greater height.
  • You cannot make the item yourself. To do this, you must first defeat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft and then travel to the Outermost End via the Final Transit Portal that appears.
  • You must look for a final settlement there, as this is where the large final ships dock. These settlements are primarily located on the larger islands at the outer end.
  • Once you have spotted an end ship, search it. As soon as you come across a Shulker, you are in the right place. The mobs are guarding the elytra hanging in a frame on the wall. Plumb the wings
  • To use the elytra, equip them. You can then activate them using the [Space bar]. This way you can easily fly for up to 15 minutes before you have to repair the wings.

Minecraft: Flying in creative mode

As an alternative to the Elytra, you can fly without interruption in Minecraft’s creative mode.

  • Start a new game in creative mode. Once the world has loaded, press the [Spacebar]twice to make your character take to the skies.
  • In the air, you move your character in exactly the same way as you would on the ground. The controls just require a little practice.
  • If you press the [Spacebar] once, your character will climb. If you press [Alt] and the [Space bar] at the same time, your character will continue to climb until you press the Space bar again.
  • You can descend by pressing [Shift]. Press [W] twice in quick succession to fly forwards faster.
  • To return to earth, simply press the [Space bar] twice in quick succession. You can land and take off as often as you like using this key combination
  • Note: In adventure mode, you can use the cheat/gamemode player] to switch to creative mode in order to fly.

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