Lords of the Fallen: Damarose – Quest solution

by Pramith

Damarose in Lords of the Fallen is an NPC and follower of Adyr. For her quest you have to get a variety of objects

Lords of the Fallen: Obtain a saw for Damarose

Damarose, the Branded One is a follower of Adyr in Soulslike, whom you will encounter again and again over the course of the game. After the third encounter, you will find her at the shrine of Adyr (remains of the betrayed Eliard) and her actual quest begins.

  • Attention: You may not light any of the beacons in the game if you want to help Damarose. If you only purify one, she is already hostile to you
  • You must bring Damarose the saw from an Adyr trailer. To do this, you must travel to the cistern in the Sunless Strand and defeat the Skin Snatcher. He will give you the key for the drain control
  • Follow the tunnel system until you reach a locked door that can be opened with the key. Then break through a shabby wooden door, behind which there is a glowing red altar with a saw
  • Bring the saw to Damarose. Then you must set off again to deliver three special pieces of meat to her.

Lords of the Fallen: Damarose bring the pieces of meat

Damarose asks you for three pieces of meat from Rhogar. You can get these from certain bosses in Lords of the Fallen:

  • For the first piece of meat, you must defeat the Infernal Sorceress. You will encounter her automatically at the start of the Lower Calrath area.
  • You can’t miss the next boss either. It is the Spurned Descendant, which is the main boss in Lower Calrath.
  • You will receive the last piece from the Light Reaper, whom you have already encountered three times up to this point. If you have not defeated him by this point, he is in Ober-Calrath near the beacon.
  • Take the pieces of meat to Damarose. Then exhaust all her dialog options until you can only buy from her. Rest so that she can move on.
  • You will find Damarose in Bramis Castle. Talk to her twice to continue your quest. This is the last chance to buy something from her before she makes her way to Adyr.
  • To complete the quest, you must then defeat the Dismembered Monarch in the boss room. Then go up the stairs until you find Adyr
  • You can pick up your quest reward in front of Adyr. It is the Damarose armor set. This quest is also essential if you want to unlock the Umbral Ending.

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