Fortnite Battle Royale: Servers offline – what can you do?

by Tobias

If the Fortnite servers are offline, you can no longer compete against other players and friends in Battle Royale mode. In this practical tip, we show you what to do

Fortnite Battle Royale server offline – what’s going on?

  • The reasons for a server failure can be manifold. Even the smallest errors can paralyse a complete server. Partly it can also be maintenance work.
  • On weekends, public holidays and during the Christmas season, there are a lot of players online, which can lead to outages. However, problems are usually resolved within a few minutes to a few hours.

Fortnite Battle Royale: Server down

  • If you notice a connection problem, you should first check AlleStörungen or DownDetector. If other players also have a problem with Fortnite, you will find several hundred messages here, which you can use to estimate the current problem.
  • Tip: On Fortnite’s Twitter page, you can usually get more information about the server outage after just a few minutes. Planned maintenance work will also be announced here in good time.
  • Unfortunately, in the event of server problems you have no choice but to wait. As soon as the servers are up again, you can continue to gamble.

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