Fortnite cheats: complete overview

by Pramith

Cheats in Fortnite give you a big advantage over the other players. They are not allowed

Fortnite: Cheats are not allowed

If you want to use cheats, hacks and the like in Fortnite, we have to disappoint you.

  • There are no official cheats for Fortnite. As it is primarily a multiplayer title, developer Epic Games has strictly decided against this
  • This also applies to the single-player mode Save the World. There are no cheats for this either.
  • There is a whole range of hacks that you can still encounter in the game. These include, for example, aimbots and speed hacks, which you should ideally report.
  • Cheats can lead to your account being permanently blocked. As a result, you will lose all your progress, your V-Bucks and any purchases you have already made. The account ban applies not only to Fortnite, but also to your Epic Games account.

Fortnite: Creative mode instead of cheats

If you want to play Fortnite just the way you like it, creative mode is the way to go.

  • In creative mode, you can create your own islands and design them however you like. At the same time, you have numerous settings at your disposal, which are theoretically comparable to legal cheats.
  • You can, for example, switch on an aiming aid or switch off normal fall damage. You can even equip flying with infinite ammunition in creative mode or at the end of the game.
  • This is just a small selection of the settings you can use in creative mode. If you want more freedom in Fortnite, use this mode together with your group.
  • You start the creative mode by scrolling to the Epic modes in the lobby screen. There you will find the creative mode, which you can use to create your own game

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