How to get and redeem a Fortnite Creator Code

by Johannes

With a Fortnite Creator Code, you can support creators when you make a purchase in the Epic Games item store

Get a Fortnite Creator Code: Multiple ways

It’s not difficult to get a Creator Code in Fortnite. All you have to do is check the person’s socials, streams or videos.

  • Fortnite Creator Codes are shared by creators who are approved for the program by Epic Games. For this reason, there are several methods of obtaining a code
  • The code can often be found directly in the stream overlay of people on Twitch or YouTube. This is often the username or a slightly modified version of it.
  • The creator code is often shared via social media platforms such as Instagram, X (formerly Twitter) or Facebook. All you have to do is visit the person’s profile
  • There are also a large number of creators who have had the same code for years. One example of this is Ninja, whose creator code is simply Ninja.
  • You can often ask the person for the creator code during a live stream if it is not listed anywhere. This is recommended, for example, if it has been changed.

Fortnite Creator Code: How to redeem it

If you have a Creator Code for Fortnite, all you have to do is activate it. Only then will the person receive five percent of your purchase.

  • Start the game to do this. Then go to the Fortnite item store
  • In the item store, you will find a button at the bottom right entitled Support a Creator. Select this button
  • You can then redeem the Creator Code there. Enter it and click on Search.
  • If the Creator Code is correct, a green tick will appear next to the field. If not, there may be a typing error or the code is no longer valid for some reason.
  • Use [ESC] or Cancel to exit the input. The Creator Code is then active for a period of 14 days and you support the associated person. After the two weeks, you can simply redeem the code again

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