Fortnite: Custom matchmaking – here’s how it works

by Pramith

The custom matchmaking feature in Fortnite allows you to host private matches. This is tied to certain requirements

Custom matchmaking in Fortnite: process explained

In Fortnite, you can use custom matchmaking to invite other players to your private matches. These can be people from your circle of friends or followers.

  • You use the function by first selecting the desired game mode in the lobby. Then scroll down until you see the Custom key option. Select this option
  • Now you can create a key for the custom player search. You can then share this with people from your circle of friends or followers so that they can join.
  • You agree to the creation of the key by clicking the Accept button. Click Play to start the match and the other players can join.
  • Make sure that all participants are in the same server region as you, for example Europe. In addition, a maximum of 100 players can take part in a match, including you.
  • The user-defined player search is particularly useful if you want to play against each other with selected people and not together in a group. The latter is always possible.
  • Important: This function is only available to authorized accounts. However, you can always join them if you receive the key for the user-defined player search from the creator.

Custom matchmaking in Fortnite: Requirements

As already mentioned, not all players are able to create custom matches in Fortnite. You must first register with the Creator program and have permanently activated two-factor authentication for the game.

  • This is divided into the Support a Creator and Fortnite Island Creator program. Both variants are tied to certain requirements
  • The Support a Creator program is only available to players who can prove that they have at least 1,000 followers on YouTube, Twitch, X (formerly Twitter) or VK. This number applies to one platform alone, not all combined
  • In the Fortnite Island Creator program, on the other hand, you must have spent a certain amount of V-Bucks and have sufficiently engaged with the creative mode. Only then is registration possible.
  • Only when you have registered for one of the two can you start private matches and use the user-defined player search. This function will be activated immediately afterwards

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