Genshin Impact: How to farm white iron

by Johannes

With white iron in Genshin Impact, you can make weapons at the blacksmith. The iron is therefore particularly important for progressing in the game. But getting the iron isn’t quite as easy as it sounds.

How to get white iron in Genshin Impact

White iron in Genshin Impact is an important commodity. Generally, white iron can be found in the wild, on the Windblicken Mountains or in Wolfenlauf.

  • It is best to walk regularly through the wilderness. There you will come across large chunks of white iron every now and then. Especially near the Wolfenlauf you will often find white iron.
  • Having made your way through the wilderness in search of white iron, it is worth going to the Wind View Mountains.
  • Around and on Aozang Mountain, there seems to be a particularly large amount of the coveted lumps. Other good places to mine the iron are north of Sal Terrae on the tapered mountain and west of Jueyun Karst in the stone ruins.
  • Other players of Genshin Impact also report occurrences of the white iron in Dihua Moor or Musk Reef.
  • If you have discovered a white iron site, it is worth placing a marker here. Chances are good that you will find white iron here again in the future.
  • For mining the iron, a two-hander is best in a team. You can also use amber bombs to loosen the iron.
  • With the white iron, you then go to the blacksmith. The blacksmith creates 4-star weapons and, by processing crystals, iron ore and white iron, so-called reinforcement ores. With these you can upgrade your weapons.


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