God of War Ragnarök: Find and explore nebula fields

by Pramith

The fog fields in God of War: Ragnarök are an area that you can only enter late in the game. Certain items and enemies await you there

God of War Ragnarök: Find the Misty Fields

You enter the Misty Fields in God of War Ragnarök earlier in the game with Atreus, but the stay is quite short.

  • You can later travel to the Fields of Mist in Niflheim again, but this time with Kratos. This is only possible after you have played through the main story
  • To find the Misty Fields, you must then go to Sindri’s house near the Yggdrasil World Oak. There you have to attract Ratatoskr’s attention by ringing the wind chimes. Simply do this with your axe
  • Talk to the one-eyed squirrel until it gives you a bag of Yggdrasil seeds as a reward for the conversation. Now travel to Niflheim
  • The seeds open Mystic Gates that allow you to reach the Fields of Mist. The corresponding location for this is in Niflheim, more precisely next to the portal by the raven tree.
  • Go there and use the seeds. This will open a portal that will take you to the fog fields.

This is what awaits you in the fog fields

Once you enter the Misty Fields in God of War Ragnarok, there are two specific items of interest.

  • These are the Frostfinger Flower and the Berserker Gauntlets. As the mist fields are quite a small area, they are not difficult to find
  • You will find the flower directly near the Mystic Gate, which will take you to the Fields of Mist. Look out for a row of swords where you can recognize the small flower
  • You need the flower for the quest Nine Worlds in Full Bloom. As the Frostfinger will probably be the last flower in your collection, you can look forward to the trophy The Florist (Bronze)
  • To obtain the Berserker Gauntlets, you must find the Berserker Tombstone in the Fields of Mists. To do this, head west and keep in the direction of the large ice-covered structure that you can see
  • You will come to a ledge that you need to climb. Then turn right and keep left again until you see two stone pillars. Drop down after the stone pillars
  • You will find the gravestone there. Once you interact with it, you will have to fight the boss Skjothendi the Unperturbed. After the fight, you will receive the Berserker gauntlets and have explored everything in the Misty Fields in Niflheim

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