Hades 2: What we already know about it

by Corinna

Since the reveal of Hades 2, fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the roguelike game. Like Part 1, it will be released in Early Access first

Hades 2 – what is known about the gameplay and story

Hades 2 was unveiled at the Game Awards in 2022. There you could already catch a glimpse of the story and gameplay of the roguelike.

  • Fans can look forward to the familiar carnage from the first part. This time, however, you take on the role of Melinoë, daughter of Hades and sister of Zagreus, to put a stop to the Titan Chronos. You will be supported by a squad of new gods who, as in the first part, will give you boons to strengthen Melinoë in battle. One of the new gods introduced so far is Apollo
  • The overarching theme of Hades 2 is witchcraft. Hecate, the goddess of sorcery, is apparently the mentor of Melinoë, who in turn makes use of this magical art to confront the Titan Chronos and all his henchmen. The latter was able to free himself from his captivity and is now out for revenge.
  • As in the first part, the main focus of Hades 2 is on the roguelike aspect. This means that you keep trying to get a little further before you inevitably fail. With each defeat, however, Melinoë gains strength, be it through a newly unlocked weapon or points with which you can improve your status values
  • Although Hades 2 is a direct sequel to the first game, you don’t need to have played the first installment to enjoy Hades 2. Supergiant Games promises that fans of the first game will find links to it in Hades 2, but newcomers will also get their money’s worth.

Hades 2 – all info on the Early Access release

Like its predecessor,

Hades 2 will be released in Early Access (EA) first. This gives fans the opportunity to experience some of the content in advance while the game is still in active development.

  • Developer Supergiant Games is targeting an Early Access launch for the second quarter of 2024. At the start of EA, Hades 2 is set to be just as big as the EA version of the first part. Player feedback will also be constantly incorporated during development. It is not yet known (as of March 2024) how long the game will remain in the EA until it is fully released
  • The game will be available in the EA on Steam and the Epic Games Store. However, the development studio would also like to publish on consoles for the full release. Exactly which consoles are involved is also not yet known. As there is also a Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X version of the previous game, it stands to reason that Supergiant Games would like to pursue a similar strategy for Hades 2.
  • Hades 2 is to be regularly expanded as part of the EA with several major updates. In this context, saves are to be retained and remain compatible across all versions of the game for the duration of the EA and for the full release. In EA games such as Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, it happened time and again that saves for the latest version of the game were incompatible and caused errors.

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