Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Hiding places puzzle – all locations

by Corinna

There are five locations in Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Puzzle of the Hiding Places. There you will find the Wonder Tokens

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Hidden Object Puzzle: The solutions for the locations

In Super Mario Bros Wonder, Mario hops across the screens again. There are a total of five Wonder Tokens to find in the search party task “Puzzle of the Hiding Places”. The Wonder Tokens are hidden in World 2 in the Cloud Mountains.

  • You will find the first token directly after the start of the level. Run to the blocks and activate them with jumps. The marker will show itself and let you catch it
  • The second wonder marker is even better hidden. Jump to the golden tube from which mushrooms fall. Simply climb into the tubes to get the second token
  • For the third wonder token, you need to activate an invisible block. You can now add the token to your collection
  • The fourth wonder token is hidden in the lowest level. To find it, drop down to the bottom level. The token is waiting for you next to the yellow tube, which you can use to get back to the top.
  • The fifth marker, which floats in the air, is very easy to recognize. If you want to reach it, all you have to do is press the block towards the end of the level. A vine will grow out of it, which you have to climb up to get the miracle marker

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