Horizon Forbidden West: Dye your armour – here’s how

by Mike

In the open-world video game Horizon Forbidden West, you can dye your armour according to your wishes. You couldn’t do this in the Playstation game Horizon Zero Dawn, but you can in its successor.

Horizon Forbidden West: Here you can colour your armour

As in the predecessor game Horizon Zero Dawn, you can choose from many different armours for Aloy in the sequel Horizon Forbidden West. These certainly do not always correspond to your imagination. There is now a solution for this. You can have the armour dyed in the desired colours with the help of dyers. The dyers are indicated on the map by a mortar and pestle symbol and can be found after a few hours of play in the following locations:

  • Reinklang (Gana is the name of the dyer)
  • Burning Spear
  • The Bulwark
  • Thorn March

Horizon Forbidden West: These are the plants you need to dye

Of course you will need armour to dye. The dyers also require a few slivers for their work. In order to be able to dye the armour in the end, you need to get the appropriate shades. Various plants, which you can only find on cliffs, are necessary for this. As a rule, you need several and also different flowers for one colouring. Also, not every armour can be transformed into every desired colour. These six different flowers can be discovered in the game:

  • Pale Flower
  • Golden bloom
  • Green flower
  • Sky blue flower
  • Midnight Blossom
  • Purple Blossom

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