Palia: Emberseeker Medallion – these are the 6 locations

by Corinna

Emberseeker Medallions must be found in Palia to obtain the entire bundle. They are spread across Bahari Bay

Palia: Locations of all Emberseeker Medallions

If you want the Emberseeker vault bundle in Palia, you have to find the six Emberseeker medallions. For these you have to explore certain corners of Bahari Bay.

  • You don’t have to look for the first Emberseeker Medallion yourself. You will automatically receive it as a reward at the end of the Treasury of Flames quest and will then be sent on a search for the other five
  • Then make your way to the Thorny Ticket in the far north of the Bahari Bay map. Look out for the waterfall and a large tree with overhanging roots in the immediate vicinity. Directly under the roots by the water you will find the chest with the Glowseeker’s Medallion
  • The next medallion can be found in the statue garden directly on the coast. At the northern course of the river, which flows into the sea, you have to search for an overturned ship on the beach, which is right next to the only tree nearby. There you will find another crate.
  • Go to the Lighthouse Lagoon and look for an opening in the bridge on the west side. Go through it and then turn right until you see two large archways. Climb up a stone on the right of the two and find the chest with the medallion in a bush
  • South of Beachcomber Cove and north of the Windy Ruins you will find a huge tree. Next to it you will find a semi-circular structure. Check the ground next to it to get the fifth medallion
  • Southwest of Beachcomber Cove you will find a mine containing the last Glow Seeker Medallion. Explore the mine until you find a narrow passage in a wall. You must then continue along the passage until you reach a chamber with the medallion
  • Now you have all the Glow Seeker Medallions in your inventory. The bundle is ready.

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