Remnant 2: Unlock the Archon – here’s how

by Johannes

You can unlock the Archon archetype in Remnant 2 as soon as you enter the game’s backrooms. This requires specific equipment

Unlock the Archon in Remnant 2: It’s all about the equipment

You can only get the Archon archetype in Remnant 2 with a whole range of equipment that you can obtain over the course of the game. You activate a portal that takes you to the required location.

  • You must have the following archetypes and certain characteristics available: Fortune Hunter Explorer (tenth level) and Wormhole Stalker (sixth level). Also don’t forget the Sphere Walker equipment set, which you can pick up as an explorer from Whisper in Station 13
  • Get the following items: Ford’s Shotgun (after completing the Yaesha story quest), Cube Weapon (defeat the Labyrinth Shield Guard and then craft it at McCabe) and the Staff of the Labyrinth, which you will receive after a fight against the mid-boss there.
  • The Heart of the Void is also important. You will receive it in Remnant 2 when you complete the quest Key of the Seeker to travel to Alepsis-Taura. You will find the item in the Black Hole.
  • You can buy the following rings from various NPCs: Ring of the Black Cat (500 scrap metal from Reggie), Anastasija’s Inspiration (3,000 scrap metal from Whispers) and Green Yellow Moonstone (500 scrap metal from Cass). These are also necessary
  • The last items are the Amulet of Leto and Zania’s Malice, another ring. You can find the ring directly at the first checkpoint of the Unland of Ashes on the opposite side of the hole. All you have to do is crawl into the small passage
  • For the Amulet of Leto, on the other hand, you need to be overloaded with a whopping 75 points and perform 100 dodge rolls. This will make you do a flop (belly flop). You can then buy it from Reggie for 1,000 scrap metal
  • This fulfills all the requirements for the Archon archetype. Then travel to the Labyrinth and the Corrupted Portal. Step through the portal with the equipment
  • You suddenly find yourself in an area reminiscent of the Backrooms. There you find a Strange Box, which you take to Wallace. For a small fee of 1,000 scrap metal and ten lumenite crystals, you will receive the Hexahedron Engram to equip the Archon Archetype.

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