Pokémon Crimson and Purple: All the differences at a glance

by Johannes

In the Pokémon Crimson and Purple Editions, just like their predecessors, there are all kinds of differences that you should keep in mind before deciding on one of the two versions.

Pokémon Crimson and Purple – these differences are known

As always, there are some differences between Pokémon Crimson and Purple in Gen 9 – this time even different starting areas.

  • What you can count on with each new Pokémon Edition is the long-standing tradition of version-specific Pokémon. This means that there are certain Pokémon that are only found in crimson or purple. Players who have the other version can only get these Pokémon by trading with other players.
  • In addition to Pokémon, other differences can be found in the region of Paldea. For example, each of the two versions has different professors who assist the players. In crimson it is the professor Sada and in purple it is the professor Turo. It is not yet known whether there are other differences in the characters in the game. In the previous versions, for example, there were different arena ladders for each version.
  • Players are confronted with the academy located in the region during the course of the story. This has a different name and emblem depending on the version. In crimson it is the Naranja Academy and in purple the Uva Academy. As a result, your character’s outfit at the beginning of the game will also be different.
  • In crimson your character starts with an orange outfit and in purple with a purple outfit. Don’t worry if you don’t like the outfit there are plenty of opportunities to buy clothes and accessories throughout the game to customise the character’s look to your liking.
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Exclusive Pokémon: differences between purple and crimson

As always, there are a few Pokémon for both editions that you can only get on one of them. If you want to catch the different Pokémon, you can only trade with friends or with yourself if you have both Crimson and Purple.

  • So far known version-specific Pokémon for Crimson are the new Pokémon Crimanzo, Larvitar and its evolutions, and Humanolith, the eighth generation rock Pokémon.
  • In Purple, players can look forward to the exclusive Pokémon Azugladis, Kindwurm and its evolutions, as well as Frozen Head, introduced with Sword and Shield. Nothing is known about other exclusive monsters before the release of the editions.
  • As you can already see from the different covers of the two versions, there are also two new legendary Pokémon that users of the respective editions can look forward to. The monsters Koraidon in Crimson and Miraidon in Purple are not only strong legendary monsters but also serve as a means of transport for players to move around the Paldea region.

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