Sims 4: All money cheats at a glance

by Pramith

In Sims 4, money cheats are especially popular when you want to redecorate or buy a bigger house. We show you all the codes for them.

All cheats for money in Sims 4

Money cheats have been most commonly used since the very first Sims games. If you want to enter a cheat in Sims 4, first open the console with Control+Shift+C. Then enter one of the following commands and press Enter.

  • Use kaching to add 1,000 simoleons to your account.
  • Also rosebud will make you 1,000 simoleons richer.
  • Motherlode will make you 50,000 simoleons richer.
  • If you want to freely determine the assets of your household, use the money cheat money [number]. For this cheat to work, you must first enter testingcheats true.

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