Sons of the Forest: Find keycards – these are the locations

by Mike

In Sons of the Forest there are three keycards that you need for the various bunkers on the island. The locations are interdependent

Sons of the Forest: Where to find the keycards

The keycards in Sons of the Forest are essential for progressing through the game. They give you access to certain bunkers and special areas within them.

  • For this reason, it is important to find the key cards in a certain order. This will prevent you from making unnecessary second visits to the bunkers.
  • First get the maintenance key card for which you need the shovel. You will find maintenance bunker A with the keycard south of the beach spawn point along the river that leads into the interior of the island. The entrance is located east of the river near a path
  • Use the shovel to gain access to the bunker. You must then cross the bunker to obtain the maintenance key card.
  • You can then use the maintenance key card to open the Food and Dining Bunker, where the VIP key card is located. You will find the bunker in the northwest of the island north of a lake and between two paths
  • The entrance is marked by two golf carts standing in front of a cave entrance. Go into the cave and use the key card on the two heavy doors. Explore the bunker to find the VIP keycard and crossbow
  • With the two keycards, make your way to the Entertainment Bunker, which you will find north of the river spawn point and south of the large river that flows from the mountains to the sea. Look out for an overgrown golf cart
  • You will find the entrance to the entertainment bunker there. You use the maintenance key card and can also use the crossbow to defend yourself against the mutants you may encounter. There you will find the Guest Keycard, which opens numerous doors on the island

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