Starfield: Killing Delgado – what you need to know

by Pramith

Whether or not you should kill Delgado in Starfield depends on the desired reward and your attitude towards the space pirate

Starfield: Kill Delgado for more loot

Starfield gives you the choice of killing or sparing the pirate Delgado over the course of the quest End of Legacy in order to prevent the key from self-destructing.

  • It is advantageous to kill the pirate if you want to save Shinya Voss in Starfield. In Delgado’s inventory you will find his computer password, which you can use to free Voss
  • You will also receive his special weapon Tempest. The rifle has a base damage of 19 and a 90 fire rate, the handloading weapon effect and three modifications, including an enlarged magazine. You can only obtain the weapon after killing Delgado
  • You can also enjoy his pirate suit and a special boost pack. So if you’re looking for loot, you shouldn’t leave Delgado alive.
  • In combination with the 250,000 credits quest reward, it is advisable to eliminate the pirate in a firefight. Although the fight is not that easy, the reward speaks for itself.

Delgado in Starfield: Kill or go to jail

At the end of the quest in Starfield, you also have the option of sparing Delgado and persuading him not to destroy the ship instead.

  • The disadvantage of this decision is the lack of loot. You won’t get the equipment or the password to free Voss, which means he will die
  • The quest outcome remains the same. This means you get the 250,000 credits and the pirates are then taken into custody by UC-SysDef.
  • Delgado will probably be in prison for a long time afterwards. If you prefer this outcome, you should convince the pirate for role-playing reasons and not kill him.

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