Forgot iPhone lock code – what to do?

by Corinna

If you have forgotten your iPhone lock code, you can use one or more of the following solutions to unlock your device

iPhone lock code forgotten

If you forget the iPhone lock code and have entered the wrong code too often on the lock screen, you still have other options to change the lock code.

  • You can restore the iPhone via your PC or Mac and thus delete the contents. However, you will need your Apple ID to do this. If you have forgotten your Apple ID or no longer know your Apple ID password, you also have the option of continuing to use your device here
  • You can also get help from the Apple Support Hotline.
  • In the event that you forget the lock code for your iPhone or it is damaged, you should perform regular backups to prevent data loss.
  • It doesn’t hurt to write down the iPhone lock code and keep it safe. Microsoft 365, for example, offers a data vault in Onedrive for this purpose.

iPhone lock code forgotten: Reset via iTunes

To remove the lock code from your iPhone, you need to reset the phone via a computer or Mac with iTunes and delete the contents.

  • Option 1: You don’t have a backup on your computer or in the iCloud! You can find out how to reset your iPhone in this case if you have forgotten the lock code under “Reset iPhone – How to do it”
  • Option 2: You have a backup and can restore your data to the time of the backup during the reset.


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