Subnautica: Aurora Codes to Unlock All Paths

by Tobias

Use codes to open important doors in the Aurora area in Subnautica. Besides that, you should equip and prepare yourself well for the expedition of the radioactive wreckage.

Subnautica: Codes for paths and doors in Aurora

In order to open doors on the huge Aurora wreck in the Subnautica game, you need certain codes. You should also wear a full radiation suit, including gloves and helmet, as protection from the radioactive radiation.

  • Push gun, field meter, first aid kit and fire extinguisher will also come in handy. Use a laser cutter and repair tool to cut open broken doors. For other doors, use the terminal to enter codes to open them.
  • Captain’s cabin: 2679
  • Dressing Room: 1869
  • Cargo Bay: 1454
  • Lab: 6483

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