The best jobs in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

by Pramith

The jobs in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth are numerous and allow for creative combinations. Every character in the game benefits from certain professions

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth: The best jobs for Ichiban

Ichiban is already the protagonist of the game in its predecessor Like a Dragon. The following jobs are the best for him:

  • The Hero is the exclusive job for Ichiban, which is suitable for any team composition. Armed with his baseball bat, the job is good for rough stuff and his positive attitude heals and revives other characters.
  • The Aquanaut is also an excellent job for Ichiban. Equipped with healing potential, this profession uses a variety of ranged attacks that hit multiple targets at once. At the same time, as an Aquanaut, you can summon animals from the ocean such as dolphins to your aid in battle.
  • Not to be underestimated is the Sujimancer, which you unlock after defeating Sujimon-Jack. Similar to Pokémon, you can summon the Sujimon in battle and cast powerful elemental spells. You can use this job in a variety of ways:
  • Tip: You can add certain job skills to the build of another profession. This will optimize the character’s abilities.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth: Best jobs for the other party members

Of course, the other party members like ex-Yakuza Kazuma Kiryu should not be missing. The following jobs are recommended for the rest of the group:

  • In previous Yakuza parts, Kiryu has relied on his physical strength. His job Dragon of Dojima utilizes his signature unarmed moves from the predecessors, which suit him perfectly. Together with the linebacker’s Rage bonus, Kiryu thus becomes the tank of the group.
  • For Eric Tomizawa, you rely on the cab driver, who can paralyze, burn or freeze opponents with his tools. The effectiveness can be increased with upgrades. Alternatively, you can use the Desperado, who inflicts numerous debuffs on opponents
  • The best job for Chitose Fujinomiya is Heiress, through which the elegant lady stops opponents with ballet moves, heals allies and increases her own stats in battle. The housekeeper, who uses elemental magic and instantly removes all of an opponent’s buffs with an ability, is also a good choice.
  • The homeless man is ideal for Yu Nanba due to his fire spells, which can cause high damage. He should only stay in the background, as the job does not offer much HP. Alternatively, you can use the Pyro Dancer, who also attacks with fire, but who can heal enemies for HP.
  • The detective is the ideal profession for Koichi Adachi. He deals particularly hard blows and also weakens opponents. In combination with the Samurai, Koichi becomes a second tank who also deals bleeding damage.
  • The geo dancer offers herself as a job for Saeko Mukoda. Equipped with healing magic for individual or all party members, as well as resurrection spells for low MP costs makes this job so valuable. Alternatively, choose the Idol profession, which as a healing class can also remove negative status effects.
  • For Seonhee In, you should choose the assassin job. She remains mobile in battle, is good at dodging and can stun opponents effectively. If you prefer a little more damage, opt for Kunoichi, the female equivalent of the Samurai.
  • The assassin is the ideal job for Joongi Han. He uses a variety of weapons to exploit his opponents’ weak points and deal a lot of damage. The Breakdancer is a good alternative for him to take out individual opponents quickly.
  • With Tianyou Zhao, you should go for the Gangster. He weakens opponents, heals allies and can be used at short or long range. Also suitable is the cook, who concentrates even more on enemy debuffs

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